The Mon Calamari scientist known as Garrus was a ranking technician working on the mysterious Mark II Griffon project on Narolax II. An inveterate coward and dedicated pacifist, Garrus was accosted by a group of rebel infiltrators and assisted their escape with the device they sought. However, the rebels mercilessly executed him once his usefulness to them had expired.

Paven Fosk

A gigantic, completely bald human, Commander Fosk was the ranking army officer overseeing security on the Imperial facilities on Narolax II. Embittered by the necessity of his owing allegiance to the Imperial Navy and its leader, Commodore Muur, Fosk is despite being grossly overweight and dry-humoured, an extremely effective leader of his hand-selected Crypt Company, the Stormtrooper regiment deployed to the planet.

During his tenure, he maintained strict discipline through brutal means and brooked no resistance to his personal authority. Disdainful of both the ISB and the Imperial Navy, Fosk strongly resented his enforced subservience to both. Yet, he was personally loyal to Agent Lantaru, the ISB Commandant, even though he distrusted her unit and the larger objectives of the ISB.

Despite his corporeal size, Fosk enjoyed physical combat and violence, even if he was on the wrong end of it. Largely fearless, his sadistic nature enjoyed both inflicting and receiving punishment, as his litany of scars attested. Not particularly intelligent or insightful, he was a blunt instrument of the Imperial Army, though his ultimate whereabouts remain unknown. 

Noslan Falo

Captain Noslan Falo was an Imperial navy liaison officer assigned to the planet Narolax II, known as 'the Crypt' by those that served there. He was an impeccably-dressed and fastidious officer known for running a tight regimen, holding to protocol, and a strong sense of his place in the Imperial hierarchy. Thus, he was known to sneer and condescend to his lessers, while being equally capable of fawning over his superiors.

Captain Falo came to a somewhat inglorious end when what was left of him was discovered in a docking bay several hundred metres below the personal landing platform of the ranking army Commander, Fosk, from which he presumably fell. His body had frozen during the fall, and shattered on impact. Though it took place during a rebel raid on the facility, the incident remains a poignant example that Imperial officers still use in support of following proper protocols on planets with dangerous inclement weather conditions.

Kala Myr

The Imperial TIE pilot Kala Myr was an ace with six confirmed kills stationed aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer Hammer when she was assigned to an escort duty flanking a Lambda-class shuttle enroute to its destination on Narolax II, when the shuttle collided with her TIE and forced it to crash. She was recovered with the assistance of the shuttle's crew and survived the incident. Her flight partner, Mika, did not survive the mission.

Uro Gruul

Uro Gruul was a crime lord of significant influence and power in the Outer Rim systems across which he operated. Whilst not capable of directly opposing the power of various significant Hutt cartels or other crime syndicates, as an independent operator his reach was impressive.

Those in his employ were largely drawn to him thanks to his personal prowess and skill, much of which rested upon a number of inconsistently-told rumours and legends, some of which was certainly true but most of which varied far too much to be accurate.

Gruul was a short, stocky Snivvian whose porcine features were somewhat crude, and his manner was consistent with this appearance. Rarely one to indulge in formality, he spoke straight and clear about his intent and his expectations. Gruul insisted upon opinions being based upon outcomes rather than intent, and did not accept excuses for failure - his opinion of anyone who failed him simply declined.

This was generally accepted as a symptom of his own need to take action by his own hand, and to expect the same of himself as he did of others. Uro Gruul was very much a leader who led by example, for an orator or tactician he was not. While he cleverly engineered the Crisis at Veloma and the corresponding power shortage in the sector - hoping to exploit this crisis by offering his own resources as a replacement - he did not anticipate that the deal would be discerned, infiltrated and ultimately intercepted by his great rival, Sorrek of Nath.

Carter Reiser

A snivelling backwater information merchant, Carter Reiser was an unwitting participant in the Crew of the Behemoth's search for the location of Gardok the Gamorrean. Discovered with several rare crystals from Stybius on his possession, the Crew coerced the middle-man to offer up information he had on the White Scar Pirate Cult, which he professed to know nothing about.

Kept prisoner upon the Behemoth for some time, a terrified Reiser made his escape upon the ship's landing upon a former mining base within the asteroid field surrounding Stybius. Pursued by the Crew, he was once again recaptured for interrogation, but not before he could warn the White Scars, hoping they might intervene before he was accosted further.