Czerka Mercantile

Any Time, Anywhere, We're There.

The Czerka Mercantile is a powerful galactic entity in its own right. Whilst technically a subsidiary of the Galactic Empire's many bureaucratic appendages, the corporation operates its own mechanisms and particularly in the Outer Rim exercises a high degree of autonomy.

A vast entity with a myriad of economic interests spread across hundreds of worlds, Czerka is somewhat ubiquitous in the Outer Rim, its cheap but usually reliable equipment shipped to thousands of colonies and Imperial garrisons utilising what most assume to be any means of securing trade, including smuggling and black market contracts.

Precisely because their operations remain fixed outside the usual sphere of influence of the New Order Corporation, Czerka maintains its independence and the Galactic Empire traditionally turns a blind eye to its excesses and abuses until the planets it services formally fall within the bureaucratic scope of Imperial territory.

Throne World: Alderaan.
Major Rival: Hapax Consortium.

: Report : Saalus, Nima : GTE assessment solutions