From Rubble To Paradise.

An industrious and risk-averse organisation, LithoCorp nonetheless acts as an anchor for the galactic economy, particularly in regard to its mantle-shaping industries and the development of colony worlds. Without expansion, growth stalls and the economy shudders. Hence, LithoCorp play an important part in galactic economic affairs.

Planetary engineering is the specialty of LithoCorp, who transform planetary environments and atmospheres over the course of years or even decades, in order to become habitable. That is, habitable for the dominant human species of the New Order. Many other races find these environments hostile and so LithoCorp often finds resistance when it attempts to transform planets within the sphere of influence of a particular species for whom the planet has some connection or meaning. Its reputation remains relatively untarnished, but LithoCorp has endured more than one scandal involving the terraforming of a planet already colonised by other species.

Throne World: Daaru III.
Major Rival: Notus Mining Collegiate.

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