Rocky Feral World | Core Worlds

Atmosphere: Type III. Imperial Presence: None. Keywords: Abandoned | Corporate Controlled | Unregulated.

On Approach

Majestic mountain ranges of incredible scale are Rydoaari's most apparent feature, as are the verdant regions famous for their lush vegetation and idyllic environs. The planet's strange shade of blue, however, seems artificial and unsettling.

General Information

The third planet of the Rydo system is an enormous planet covered primarily with jagged mountain ranges, but also features sprawling rain forests and large lagoons. Rydoaari is known for its abandoned Iridovium mines and poisonous atmosphere. Ostensibly controlled by Cybot Galactica, the mining accident which destroyed the facilities and ruined its atmosphere has essentially rendered the planet uninhabitable by most species.


Enellore is a tiny planet covered primarily with impenetrable jungle, but it also features many large lakes and small seas all composed of a strange metallic-like water; essentially massive pools which hold liquid runoff from its mountain ranges. The planet is famous for its lavish temples and gigantic vegetation; it remains something of a nature reserve among the Core Worlds, and is frequently visited by big-game hunters and safari enthusiasts despite very clear Imperial Tourism Bureau warnings about its many dangers. The heavy cloud cover which hangs over much of the planet is a similar metallic sheen to the water on the surface, and frequently plays havoc with starship navigation systems and controls, making even a cautious approach to the planet quite risky.

Enellore is a Core World.


A barren planet covered with craters and the scars of long-dried river systems, of which only enormous canyons remain. Imperial geologists surmise that the planet was, millennia ago, a lush and fertile planet before some kind of cataclysm destroyed its atmosphere and rendered it a wasteland. Since then, its thinned atmosphere has been unable to burn up incoming space debris, smattering its surface with millions of dents, craters and pockets. The planet is known for its valuable mineral resources, and is mined by the Altovast Corporation, who hold the rights to its resources.

Coravin is a Core World.


Corporate records indicate that the mining facilities on Coravin have experienced several very unusual activities over the years. Speculation has led to a theory that a group of renegade Sith reside on the planet, hidden by their mysterious power or perhaps lurking in some undetectable temple within one of the enormous canyons. Imperial documentation has consistently dismissed these rumours as nothing more than hearsay, and official attempts at locating such a temple have been fruitless.


Tandaari is a huge planet covered in mountainous regions, interspersed with vast salt flats. The planet is known for its hidden smuggler dens and black market shadowport, as well as brutal gladiatorial combats which take place therein. Entirely lawless, Tandaari is a poor but reclusive hideout for many of the galaxy's most wanted criminals. It is suspected that the local Imperial Moff is fully aware of the planet's nature but refuses to flush its vermin because he makes too much use of their services. Further, many of the aristocracy on neighbouring planets have come to enjoy slumming it at the shadowport during the gladiatorial games.

Tandaari is a Core World.


Urban Ecumenopolis | Core Worlds

Atmosphere: Type I. Imperial Presence: Significant. Keywords: Bureaucratic | Storms .

On Approach

From orbit the planet Sernelsha looks largely barren and lifeless, covered in swirling mists and crackling storms. Yet not unlike the veins of precious metal hidden within rock, the snaking cities of the planet's vast population glitter in the dark, or in daylight are surrounded by the few green wedges visible from space.

General Information

The third planet of the Sernel system is a tiny world covered primarily with a planet-wide cityscape, but it also features great, winding rivers and vast mountain ranges. This planet is known for its violent weather and advanced technology. Flora is distinct and varied, but largely limited to the 'wild zones' in the mountains and around the river systems, which often cut through the towering cities. Most fauna has disappeared, except for a variety of bird life; in particular the scavenging grooks, large and ratty-feathered creatures that bicker and fight over scraps left by the populace. A standard day on Sernelsha lasts twenty two standard hours, and the length of its year is only one hundred and fourty-two local days.