Yvain V

Fetid Untamed World | Outer Rim

Atmosphere: Type I. Imperial Presence: Extreme. Keywords: Bureaucratic | Imperial Controlled | Mining | Orbital Platform | Perilous | Prosperous | Rakatan Ruins | Slaves | Unexplored | Wild.

General Information

The fifth moon of Yvain, the sole gas giant planet of the Yvain system, is a small satellite of its gigantic parent and was once a fortress-world of the ancient Rakatan civilisation, long since abandoned and forgotten. Discovered by Imperial colonists decades ago, it was realised to possess an enormous magnetic field generated by core deposits of the rare hyper-metal known as zarium.

Coupled with the massive tibanna reserves of its parent planet, Yvain V should have become a major mining colony, perhaps even a trading centre opening up economic opportunities for Imperial corporations in the Outer Rim. However, soon after its first colonists began construction on rudimentary facilities on the planet, the HoloNet lost all pertinent hyperspace data for the entire system, which quickly ran out of date and in turn making travel to the system almost impossible.


Always fertile ground for conspiracy-minded citizens and those with an eye for secretive governmental operations, many suggested that Yvain V had been flagged by the ISB or other powerful cohorts within the Imperial military bureaucracy for the construction of a secret project on a colossal scale. What this project – a superweapon, a new class of Star Destroyer, or some other secretive technology – was harder to suggest.

Furthering these rumours are suggestions that the Galactic Empire has consciously avoided militarising Yvain's hyperlane, as it seeks to avoid drawing excessive attention to the system at all: pirate raids remain frequent in the surrounding areas and are tolerated precisely because many suspect that an overt Imperial presence might trigger undue interest.

Of course, having lost the data for the planet due to some unforeseen cosmic occurrence, it could simply be that no corporation has yet sent scouts to the area for fear that the cause may still remain active.

Varen's World

Desertified Colony World | Outer Rim

Atmosphere: Type I. Imperial Presence: Low. Keywords: Backwater | Black Market | Narcotics | Slaves | Storms | Underworld Controlled.

General Information

A largely forgotten backwater on the edge of civilisation, Varen's World is home to all manner of creatures whose business is the misery and suffering of others. Most live relatively decrepit lives, scraping a living on the very edges of known space.


Verdant Untamed World | Outer Rim

Atmosphere: Type I. Imperial Presence: None. Keywords: Remote | Storms | Uncharted.

General Information

The third planet of the Kolesh system is located in the Kamin sector of the Outer Rim Territories. This small planet is shrouded in forests, but also features broad steppes across which wander enormous creatures called Kalu. The planet is largely unexplored and barely habited, and is known for its ancient ruins and factories, remnants of a civilisation lost long before its discovery in the early days of the Galactic Empire.