Aaru XIV

General Information

The fourteenth planet of the Aaru system is located in the Kamin sector of the Outer Rim Territories. Covered in jungle, it is connected to the worlds of Kharis, Kolatyr, Bolun IV and Kamino via hyperlanes. A great desert is located in the middle of the planet's equatorial jungle. Fauna is widespread across the planet, and Aaris III plays host to an abundance of animal life in both the jungles and the oceans. A standard day on Aaris III lasts nineteen standard hours, and the length of its year is two hundred and ninety-nine local days.

Once a thriving and populous planet, during the Clone Wars, Aaru was ravaged by a series of battles, and much of its population fled the planet or were killed in the conflict. What little is left of its civilisation is concentrated only in one or two trade ports, while much of its sprawling cities and industrial centres have been long since swallowed by the encroaching jungle.

For many species, the thick and heavy air is so full of moisture that it can be difficult to breathe. Hence, many of those who venture to Aaru XIV wear rebreathers or other respirators, as the density of the atmosphere becomes uncomfortable over time.