Desertified Ravaged World | Outer Rim

Atmosphere: Type I. Imperial Presence: None. Keywords: Abandoned | Uncharted.

On Approach

A world of knotted mesas and swathed in arid regions, Besusdra is nevertheless dotted with strange splotches of putrescence, like ugly-green blemishes upon its otherwise cracked and dry surface. 

General Information

For decades, the mining company Besu-Nor operated a profitable, if unsustainable, facility on the planet in the hopes that its meagre store of Besudium deposits would linger enough for the bare-bones colony to thrive. Unfortunately for the company, Besudium was supplanted by more effective materials and soon became next to worthless, and the company and its assets were absorbed by Czerka Corporation, and soon sold off. The colony, now destitute and with no means of supporting itself, dwindled to nothing and Besusdra was abandoned.