Fien Dumonde

The small starport known as Fien Dumonde is located along a little-used transit hyperlane between several of the planets close to the edge of the Outer Rim and the Arkanon system in the Core Worlds.

Patronised by cargo-haulers and smugglers primarily, the Fien Dumonde acts as something of a neutral territory for various information merchants, who facilitate communication between the many clans, factions, cults, cartels and crime lords whose interests merge along the Outer Rim, but who also have tenuous connections to the Imperial homeworlds.

While the Galactic Empire has little interest in the Fien Dumonde, it does in fact arguably benefit from its existence, as the starport facilitates trade in some resources that the New Order Corporation would find inconvenient to procure amongst the worlds it controls.

The bulk of the starport is little more than a cheap cantina serving bilge that most citizens of the Galactic Empire would consider offensive to every sense they possess, the unusually poor quality of food does nevertheless appeal to particular species of the galaxy for whom such fare is nutritious. No official of the Galactic Empire would ever have approved the bilious gruel that the various cheap vendors offer to their customers.

Yet beyond the horrific fare of the starport's food courts and dingy drinking holes, there is one restaurant which, despite the exotic nature of its fare, does actually provide a surprisingly good service and quality of food; extensive digestifs and whole banquets offering luxuries like bantha-eyeball vitae and rancor-egg malaise. What these dishes actually are is largely unknown, but with so many excellent reviews on the HoloNet it is surprising that the restaurant has so few patrons or has not relocated to the Core Worlds, where it would surely become something of a phenomenon.