General Information

A barren planet covered with craters and the scars of long-dried river systems, of which only enormous canyons remain. Imperial geologists surmise that the planet was, millennia ago, a lush and fertile planet before some kind of cataclysm destroyed its atmosphere and rendered it a wasteland. Since then, its thinned atmosphere has been unable to burn up incoming space debris, smattering its surface with millions of dents, craters and pockets. The planet is known for its valuable mineral resources, and is mined by the Altovast Corporation, who hold the rights to its resources.

Coravin is a Core World.


Corporate records indicate that the mining facilities on Coravin have experienced several very unusual activities over the years. Speculation has led to a theory that a group of renegade Sith reside on the planet, hidden by their mysterious power or perhaps lurking in some undetectable temple within one of the enormous canyons. Imperial documentation has consistently dismissed these rumours as nothing more than hearsay, and official attempts at locating such a temple have been fruitless.