General Information

The eighth planet of the Lor-Motaru system, Lorumaar was colonised a thousand years ago in the early days of the Old Republic. Its colonial population consisted of exiles from what would later become a sect of anti-industrialists whose dying religion forbade the design, construction or manufacture of artificial intelligence.

On Lorumaar, the exiles managed to obfuscate their work enough that the larger galactic population never discovered their intent. By the time their artifice was complete, much of their own manufacturing was operated by, and sometimes even designed by, their own creations. The religious crisis that had seen their expulsion was long-gone, and their cybernetic creations became ubiquitous across the galaxy.

Decades later, Cybot Galactica was founded; it became, and has remained, the foremost designer of artificial intelligence and android manufacture in the galaxy. Very few other entities have ever been able to rival their scale, influence or brand awareness.

Lorumaar is a Core World.