Narolax II

General Information

The second planet of the Narolax system is located in the Thaneen sector of the Outer Rim Territories. Ostensibly controlled by the Galactic Empire, the planet is largely uninhabited by sentient creatures, yet a plethora of native fauna manages to eke out an existence on its frozen and barren surface.

The system was colonised several decades before the beginning of the First Clone War, but by the end of the conflict its population had dwindled and the colony itself was largely abandoned. One of the reasons for the failure of the colony was the large variety of native fauna, including what appeared to be a primitive indigenous species. Neither tamed nor integrated into the colonial system, reports of the natives mentioned little in regard to their inherent nature or culture.

Known as 'the Crypt' by its Imperial overseers, the planet is notorious for its unforgiving temperatures, and the engines of starships as large as Imperial-class Star Destroyers have been known to fail in low orbit, literally freezing over with such swiftness that entire freighters can be swallowed by frost dunes in a matter of hours. Imperial assignments to the planet are known to be quite prestigious amongst those who have never been there; ultimately, however, its far-flung location and perilous conditions make it undeniably punishing.

Native fauna includes the siskyss, or snow-snake, lethiyl worms, and frysticors. Tauntauns are an introduced species.

A standard day on Narolax II lasts fourteen standard hours, and the length of its incredibly long year is seventeen thousand, four hundred and eight local days. The planet produces significant quantities of Liquid Quadrinix.


Unverified reports suggest that a group of pirates have managed to keep a base of operations hidden on the planet right under the nose of the Imperial garrison. Many claim it would be impossible for such a group to remain undetected, much less operate with any kind of efficiency in the presence of a classified Imperial military research installation. The frequency of Imperial patrols, some including multiple Star Destroyers, above the planet add to the attitude of disdain shown toward such rumours.