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Atmosphere: Type I. Imperial Presence: Significant. Keywords: Bureaucratic | Storms .

On Approach

From orbit the planet Sernelsha looks largely barren and lifeless, covered in swirling mists and crackling storms. Yet not unlike the veins of precious metal hidden within rock, the snaking cities of the planet's vast population glitter in the dark, or in daylight are surrounded by the few green wedges visible from space.

General Information

The third planet of the Sernel system is a tiny world covered primarily with a planet-wide cityscape, but it also features great, winding rivers and vast mountain ranges. This planet is known for its violent weather and advanced technology. Flora is distinct and varied, but largely limited to the 'wild zones' in the mountains and around the river systems, which often cut through the towering cities. Most fauna has disappeared, except for a variety of bird life; in particular the scavenging grooks, large and ratty-feathered creatures that bicker and fight over scraps left by the populace. A standard day on Sernelsha lasts twenty two standard hours, and the length of its year is only one hundred and fourty-two local days.