Barab X

Terrestrial Shattered World | Outer Rim

Atmosphere: Type II. Imperial Presence: None. Keywords: Dark | Destitute | Independent | Unregulated | Untamed | Wild.

General Information

Little is known of the murky, shadow-cloaked world of Barab X. Efforts to scout its atmosphere or launch probes to its surface have generally been to no avail, and while its basic terrain and physical structure have been assessed, its native flora and fauna – of which there is a surprisingly great deal – remain entirely mysterious.

Yvain V

Fetid Untamed World | Outer Rim

Atmosphere: Type I. Imperial Presence: Extreme. Keywords: Bureaucratic | Imperial Controlled | Mining | Orbital Platform | Perilous | Prosperous | Rakatan Ruins | Slaves | Unexplored | Wild.

General Information

The fifth moon of Yvain, the sole gas giant planet of the Yvain system, is a small satellite of its gigantic parent and was once a fortress-world of the ancient Rakatan civilisation, long since abandoned and forgotten. Discovered by Imperial colonists decades ago, it was realised to possess an enormous magnetic field generated by core deposits of the rare hyper-metal known as zarium.

Coupled with the massive tibanna reserves of its parent planet, Yvain V should have become a major mining colony, perhaps even a trading centre opening up economic opportunities for Imperial corporations in the Outer Rim. However, soon after its first colonists began construction on rudimentary facilities on the planet, the HoloNet lost all pertinent hyperspace data for the entire system, which quickly ran out of date and in turn making travel to the system almost impossible.


Always fertile ground for conspiracy-minded citizens and those with an eye for secretive governmental operations, many suggested that Yvain V had been flagged by the ISB or other powerful cohorts within the Imperial military bureaucracy for the construction of a secret project on a colossal scale. What this project – a superweapon, a new class of Star Destroyer, or some other secretive technology – was harder to suggest.

Furthering these rumours are suggestions that the Galactic Empire has consciously avoided militarising Yvain's hyperlane, as it seeks to avoid drawing excessive attention to the system at all: pirate raids remain frequent in the surrounding areas and are tolerated precisely because many suspect that an overt Imperial presence might trigger undue interest.

Of course, having lost the data for the planet due to some unforeseen cosmic occurrence, it could simply be that no corporation has yet sent scouts to the area for fear that the cause may still remain active.


Volcanic Shattered World | Outer Rim

Atmosphere: Type III. Imperial Presence: Low. Keywords: Imperial Controlled | Mining | Wild.

General Information

A planet ravaged by tectonic rupturing, Oku-kei would likely never have appeared as anything more than a footnote on the most mundane of galactic records, had the orbital scan that first identified the planet also detected massive deposits of the incredibly rare mineral Kalaxium. Once the ore was discovered, the planet quickly became, and remained so, a litigious battleground between various corporation vying for its exclusive mining rights.


Oceanic Hive World | Outer Rim

Atmosphere: Type I. Imperial Presence: Strong. Keywords: Bacta | Imperial Medical Research Headquarters | Narcotics | Orbital Platform | Wealthy | Wild.

General Information

Naxyon has become the predominant galactic centre for research and development in the field of medicine. The small continent that is the planet's only land mass has become entirely subsumed by medical research facilities. Hospitals, commercial centres, energy production and almost every other aspect of the planet's needs are provided by a range of large orbital energy processing units and starports.

An enormous range of native sea life provides much of the research potential afforded to Imperial technicians, and the planet is also an exporter of a number of vital medical supplies, including bacta. Native plant life is also abundant, within and without the ocean, though most are highly toxic and none can provide sustenance for non-native species until they have been thoroughly processed.

Grutoka I

Lifeless Shattered World | Outer Rim

Atmosphere: Type II. Imperial Presence: None. Keywords: Orbital Platform | Unexplored.

General Information

While the first planet of the Grutoka system, itself simply called Grutoka, is nothing more than a gravelly rock floating around an exhausted star that went nova millennia ago, the planet's name is notable nonetheless for its association with its foremost satellite, the space station known as Kron's Lock.

The smuggling port is housed within an ancient terraforming device of a long-forgotten civilisation. Reclaimed by a notorious crime syndicate run by Uro Gruul, the Lock has become a hub for black-market goods and smugglers keen to profit from its location both within common smuggling routes but far enough away from Imperial patrols to be relatively safe. Known as a pirate's haven, the Lock is wild and dangerous, but for those on the run from Imperial law, it is far better than most alternatives.

Varen's World

Desertified Colony World | Outer Rim

Atmosphere: Type I. Imperial Presence: Low. Keywords: Backwater | Black Market | Narcotics | Slaves | Storms | Underworld Controlled.

General Information

A largely forgotten backwater on the edge of civilisation, Varen's World is home to all manner of creatures whose business is the misery and suffering of others. Most live relatively decrepit lives, scraping a living on the very edges of known space.

Helios IV

Desertified Colony World | Outer Rim

Atmosphere: Type I. Imperial Presence: None. Keywords: Corrupt | Destitute | Rebellious.

On Approach

A rather bleak and featureless planet from orbit, the planet Helios IV rarely provides so much as a swirl of precipitation to break the monotony of its rust-coloured surface.

General Information

The seventh planet of the Helios system is largely rocky desert scrub, with sporadic sand dunes which shift in concentric patterns across its surface. The largest settlement on the planet is Sinai Spaceport, which services the entire planet and functions as its centre of commerce. What little trade the locals do make is controlled by local crime figures and political toadies, with little in the way of institutions to formalise terms or legalities.

Narolax II

Frozen Feral World | Outer Rim

Atmosphere: Type I. Imperial Presence: Sparse. Keywords: Remote | Research | Storms | Uncharted.

On Approach

A blinding white orb, the icy world of Narolax II is crusted from pole to pole in nothing but white sheets of frozen water. Sworls of precipitation twist and curl into beautiful formations which manifest on the surface as terrible blizzards.

General Information

The second planet of the Narolax system is located in the Thaneen sector of the Outer Rim Territories. Ostensibly controlled by the Galactic Empire, the planet is largely uninhabited by sentient creatures, yet a plethora of native fauna manages to eke out an existence on its frozen and barren surface.

The system was colonised several decades before the beginning of the First Clone War, but by the end of the conflict its population had dwindled and the colony itself was largely abandoned. One of the reasons for the failure of the colony was the large variety of native fauna, including what appeared to be a primitive indigenous species. Neither tamed nor integrated into the colonial system, reports of the natives mentioned little in regard to their inherent nature or culture.

Known as 'the Crypt' by its Imperial overseers, the planet is notorious for its unforgiving temperatures, and the engines of starships as large as Imperial-class Star Destroyers have been known to fail in low orbit, literally freezing over with such swiftness that entire freighters can be swallowed by frost dunes in a matter of hours. Imperial assignments to the planet are known to be quite prestigious amongst those who have never been there; ultimately, however, its far-flung location and perilous conditions make it undeniably punishing.

Native fauna includes the siskyss, or snow-snake, lethiyl worms, and frysticors. Tauntauns are an introduced species.

A standard day on Narolax II lasts fourteen standard hours, and the length of its incredibly long year is seventeen thousand, four hundred and eight local days. The planet produces significant quantities of Liquid Quadrinix.


Unverified reports suggest that a group of pirates have managed to keep a base of operations hidden on the planet right under the nose of the Imperial garrison. Many claim it would be impossible for such a group to remain undetected, much less operate with any kind of efficiency in the presence of a classified Imperial military research installation. The frequency of Imperial patrols, some including multiple Star Destroyers, above the planet add to the attitude of disdain shown toward such rumours.


Verdant Untamed World | Outer Rim

Atmosphere: Type I. Imperial Presence: None. Keywords: Remote | Storms | Uncharted.

General Information

The third planet of the Kolesh system is located in the Kamin sector of the Outer Rim Territories. This small planet is shrouded in forests, but also features broad steppes across which wander enormous creatures called Kalu. The planet is largely unexplored and barely habited, and is known for its ancient ruins and factories, remnants of a civilisation lost long before its discovery in the early days of the Galactic Empire.


Desertified Ravaged World | Outer Rim

Atmosphere: Type I. Imperial Presence: None. Keywords: Abandoned | Uncharted.

On Approach

A world of knotted mesas and swathed in arid regions, Besusdra is nevertheless dotted with strange splotches of putrescence, like ugly-green blemishes upon its otherwise cracked and dry surface. 

General Information

For decades, the mining company Besu-Nor operated a profitable, if unsustainable, facility on the planet in the hopes that its meagre store of Besudium deposits would linger enough for the bare-bones colony to thrive. Unfortunately for the company, Besudium was supplanted by more effective materials and soon became next to worthless, and the company and its assets were absorbed by Czerka Corporation, and soon sold off. The colony, now destitute and with no means of supporting itself, dwindled to nothing and Besusdra was abandoned.


The swampy world of Kolgorra is a stinking wasteland, unexplored and uninhabited, in the depths of the Outer Rim. Covered in dense forests and swamps, Kolgorra's terrain is arduous and unforgiving; what mountainous regions exist are similarly harsh and sheer. Most of its surface is covered in lowland bogs and marshes. While it has no seas or oceans, vast tracts of the planet are essentially wetlands and flood plains.

Kolgorra is on the Outer Rim.

Aaru XIV

Verdant Feral World | Outer Rim

Atmosphere: Type II. Imperial Presence: None. Keywords: Remote | Storms | Uncharted.

On Approach

Covered in heavy jungles and oceans, Aaru XIV is a lush blue-green planet. Long mountain ranges snake across the landscape, punching through the jungle cover.

General Information

The fourteenth planet of the Aaru system is located in the Kamin sector of the Outer Rim Territories. Covered in jungle, it is connected to the worlds of Kharis, Kolatyr, Bolun IV and Kamino via hyperlanes. A great desert is located in the middle of the planet's equatorial jungle. Fauna is widespread across the planet, and Aaris III plays host to an abundance of animal life in both the jungles and the oceans. A standard day on Aaris III lasts nineteen standard hours, and the length of its year is two hundred and ninety-nine local days.

Once a thriving and populous planet, during the Clone Wars, Aaru was ravaged by a series of battles, and much of its population fled the planet or were killed in the conflict. What little is left of its civilisation is concentrated only in one or two trade ports, while much of its sprawling cities and industrial centres have been long since swallowed by the encroaching jungle.

For many species, the thick and heavy air is so full of moisture that it can be difficult to breathe. Hence, many of those who venture to Aaru XIV wear rebreathers or other respirators, as the density of the atmosphere becomes uncomfortable over time.


The planet Procona sits upon the edge of the Galactic Empire and the vast expanse of the Outer Rim. It is notable for a clash between the Imperial Fleet and a large criminal syndicate, which allowed the Empire to extend its reach toward outlying systems such as Veloma in a more direct fashion. Several corporations with interests in the region, such as the Hapax Consortium and Czerka Corporation, have resisted this move.

Procona is on the Outer Rim.


Industrial Hell World | Outer Rim

Atmosphere: Type IV. Imperial Presence: Minimal. Keywords: Corporate Controlled | Storms.

On Approach

At long distance, the planet is barely visible, a dark blot on the even darker void of space. On the scanners, the world appears to be a shadowy, marbled orb, wreathed in heavy black clouds bristling with atmospheric energy. A concentric ring of bright lights litter the equatorial region of the planet; these are the vents of the legendary Atom Furnaces. The series of massive batteries are built into the crust of the planet itself, tapping the tectonic movement of the crust in order to generate energy for the factories on the surface. However, the process causes enormous plumes of sulphuric gas and other materials to belch into the sky, not unlike giant artificial volcanoes. The sky is permanently blackened with a thick shroud of noxious vapours.

General Information

The industrial world of Veloma is a central reservoir of power for its sector, administered by the Hapax Corporation on behalf of the Galactic Empire. The planet is famous for the massive core-tapping reactors known as the Atom Furnaces, devices of incredible engineering prowess but which have ravaged the world's atmosphere to the point where the surface has become uninhabitable and the atmosphere itself a brown, soupy gunk.

Its inhabitants and the cities they live within are buried beneath the crust of the planet, serviced by incredibly efficient hyper-rail services which whisk workers from one side of the planet to the other; each of the Atom Furnaces are often thousands of kilometres apart, and small city-sized plants and offices service the operation of these colossal machines.

Veloma has an unusually high preponderance of a generic atmospheric disease known as 'smog lung', common to planets with atmospheres that are largely poisonous to most sentient species of the galaxy. Veloma's particular atmosphere is actually habitable to the natives of the planet Gand, who can breathe on the planet's surface with some difficulty but, thanks to the high ammonia levels, do not suffer smog lung as many others do after repeated exposure. Much of the planet's surface is affected by acid rain, and high-velocity winds make travel to the planet difficult and occasionally dangerous. During particularly savage storms, interplanetary travel is impossible by anything other than the most massive starships.

The Czerka Corporation has long been known to harbour designs on wresting control over Veloma from the Hapax Corporation, a move which Hapax have resisted for decades. In particular, Czerka are interested in acquiring the design patents for the Atom Furnaces themselves, with the intent of rolling out such technology on other planets.

Kastor I


Atmosphere: Type I. Imperial Presence: None. Keywords: Remote | Uncharted.

On Approach

Glistening like a pearl in the void of space, the planet Kastor I is undeniably beautiful. Yet, that beauty belies its true nature; that of a brutal and lifeless wasteland.

General Information

The white-glowing, frozen world of Kastor is the first and largest planet of the Kastor system. It, like the other planets in the system, are uninhabited and devoid of any known resources, though the planets have only been superficially surveyed since they were first discovered during the latter years of the Old Republic.


The Stybius system is all that remains of what was once a red giant star and four planets. When the star expanded and then contracted into its current state - a tiny white dwarf - it destroyed its satellites and reduced them to radioactive waste; the remnant of one such planet is what is now referred to as 'Stybius'.

So radioactive that it perpetually glows green, the planet - or, rather, the stunted molten remains of what was once a planet - provides a very dull glow to the rocky debris floating within the vicinity of the planet. Both Stybius and its wide-spread asteroid field are mineral-rich, though the most abundant of these, Indescribium, is a relatively common and not particularly valuable one.

However, while the asteroids have been mined for centuries, currently only a largely automated group of semi-sentient excavation droids remain, having slowly eked out billions of metric tonnes of rock from the asteroids, leaving strange but perfectly-shaped hard-edged asteroids in their wake; everything from hexagonal blocks to tetragonal carved lithoforms to pyramidal structures have been designed by the droids, often with their own intricate and highly patterned structural layerings and carvings; others are hollowed out entirely or perfectly circular.

Stybius is on the Outer Rim.

Fien Dumonde

The small starport known as Fien Dumonde is located along a little-used transit hyperlane between several of the planets close to the edge of the Outer Rim and the Arkanon system in the Core Worlds.

Patronised by cargo-haulers and smugglers primarily, the Fien Dumonde acts as something of a neutral territory for various information merchants, who facilitate communication between the many clans, factions, cults, cartels and crime lords whose interests merge along the Outer Rim, but who also have tenuous connections to the Imperial homeworlds.

While the Galactic Empire has little interest in the Fien Dumonde, it does in fact arguably benefit from its existence, as the starport facilitates trade in some resources that the New Order Corporation would find inconvenient to procure amongst the worlds it controls.

The bulk of the starport is little more than a cheap cantina serving bilge that most citizens of the Galactic Empire would consider offensive to every sense they possess, the unusually poor quality of food does nevertheless appeal to particular species of the galaxy for whom such fare is nutritious. No official of the Galactic Empire would ever have approved the bilious gruel that the various cheap vendors offer to their customers.

Yet beyond the horrific fare of the starport's food courts and dingy drinking holes, there is one restaurant which, despite the exotic nature of its fare, does actually provide a surprisingly good service and quality of food; extensive digestifs and whole banquets offering luxuries like bantha-eyeball vitae and rancor-egg malaise. What these dishes actually are is largely unknown, but with so many excellent reviews on the HoloNet it is surprising that the restaurant has so few patrons or has not relocated to the Core Worlds, where it would surely become something of a phenomenon.


Frozen Barren World | Outer Rim

Atmosphere: Type I. Imperial Presence: None. Keywords: Remote | Storms | Uncharted.

General Information

The far-flung planet of Hoth is largely known for a decisive battle of the late Second Clone War. Forces under various Jedi Masters gathered on the planet, hoping to evade detection thanks to its remote location and strange native fauna. But the Jedi enclave was discovered by the Sith Lord Darth Vader, who descended upon the planet with an Imperial force of significant strength, and completely routed the defenders.

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Desertified Colony World | Outer Rim

Atmosphere: Type I. Imperial Presence: Low. Keywords: Backwater | Black Market | Hutt Controlled | Narcotics | Slaves | Storms.

General Information

The desert planet of Tatooine is ruled by a vicious Hutt whose control defies most attempts by the Galactic Empire to assert its authority in the area. A thriving hub for smuggling, narcotics and criminal activity, the lawless backwater is nevertheless a place where underhanded scoundrels are in high demand, and compete for one another for lucrative jobs.